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Before Your Session

Below you will find helpful information for the different types of sessions that we offer.  Please click HERE for our business policies.

Newborn Sessions:

Newborns are typically photographed naked.  A sleeper or onesie upon arrival is perfect.  Do not put baby in clothing that could leave elastic marks on the skin.  Loose fitting sleepers are best.  Do feed your baby just prior to your session, hopefully inducing a “milk drunk coma”, which makes them entirely more agreeable.  :)  If you live a ways away, please let us know if you would like to arrive a bit early for your session to feed the baby at the studio.

Please consider bringing a bottle, even if you are nursing.  This may help in the event baby needs just a bit to eat and is already in position.  A pacifier is recommended, too, and the Soothie brand is best because it does not leave marks on the baby’s face.  Parents should bring an extra set of clothing to wear home, because you will likely be peed or pooped on during your session.  Feel free to bring headbands or other special accessories you would like to have included.

Please consider making arrangements for toddler siblings to leave the studio after group photos have been taken.  Unfortunately, even the most well behaved children can distract a newborn.  There is a small park just 1/2 a block from the studio that is a perfect for toddlers!

For the best results at your newborn session, both parents (and any siblings) should wear the SAME color.  Contrasting shades create confusion in your images.  If one parent wears dark and one wears light, the eye will be drawn to the person wearing the light color (on a dark background) or the dark (on a light background) instead of taking in the image as a whole.  It’s imperative that both parents wear ALL light or ALL dark colors to ensure the best outcome for your session.  From years of experience, Melissa suggests dark colors (preferably black) if Mom is concerned about hiding post-baby weight.  Dark clothes provide gorgeous, dramatic black & white images, which we love for timeless, classic newborn photos.  An all white wardrobe provides a beautiful, light and airy ethereal look, however, it’s not as effective for hiding baby weight.  When in doubt, go with dark. Jeans or pants are fine.  Either way please know that the focus of the images will be from the chest up concentrating on the the expressions of love for your new little one!

Maternity Sessions:

The studio provides several options for simple covering like wraps and sashes.  Wear a favorite dress or comfortable outfit when arriving.  Please do not wear tight fitting clothing or such with elastic that would leave marks on your belly.  Maternity pants or yoga pants folded down below the belly work well.  Bring a nude pair of panties covering just what you do not want exposed.  A strapless bra is helpful, too, for extra support.  Nude works best.  Consider bringing a sexy set of bra and panties and/or a baby doll type lingerie piece that opens to the front to expose your belly.  Bring snacks, too, in case you get hungry.

Spouses or children should wear simple, solid colors (black or white are preferred), so as not to take away from the focus- the belly!  Jeans or pants are fine.  If your spouse will be photographed with you, please decide prior to arriving if he will remove his shirt for photos.  Melissa loves a simple photo of dad’s arms wrapped around a pregnant belly, but not all men feel confident about doing this ‘on command’.

Child & Family Sessions:

Make sure children are well rested.  Please do not bring them in if they’re feeling ill or you suspect a little one could be sick.  We’re happy to reschedule if needed.  Even with the best intentions, bribes or rewards can cause more problems than you might think.  Often, if a child is promised a toy or such if he cooperates, the child grows frustrated if that toy isn’t given to him after just a few pictures.  We have children, too, and completely understand positive reinforcement.  But, consider this before making promises to toddlers.

When bringing multiple outfits for children, Melissa will help prioritize your selections upon arrival.  Consider bringing a favorite ‘lovey’ or toy, however, the studio keeps classic pieces on hand so as not to distract from your photos.  If you do want to include a favorite item, please keep it out of sight until the last part of your session, otherwise, it might just make it in all of your photos!  Snacks for kids should include non-messy options like cheerios, puffs, or goldfish.

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